LightCORE Fiber Services
We offer a wide variety of fiber offerings including Point to Point, DIA, E-LINE, and more. Long considered to be the most stable and reliable form of internet, we are working hard to bring fiber to your place of business to ensure you that you have the service your company needs to thrive. We offer the same services for a lower cost.
Whether you are interested in a standard DIA connection, would like to connect your satellite offices together, or are in one of our On-Net buildings we never stop working to provide you with a stable and reliable connection. We offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Low jitter, low latency, and low price. Whatever your business needs we will get you up and running.


Speed Price
50/50 Mbps $100
100/100 Mbps $200
200/200 Mbps $350

$1500 Install fee without contract

$500 Install fee with one year contract

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DIA & MetroE

Please contact us for pricing and availability.