Cloud HotSpot

Is your internet too slow to migrate to the cloud? We can help. With Cloud HotSpot we provide a reliable and high speed connection to upload your data to the cloud. With straight forward pricing of $250 for setup and $0.50 per Gigabyte of data, its off to the cloud.
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(330) 732-5784



We provide secure server colocation starting at $100 per 1U. Power is charged at $0.20/kWh. 4 ISPs are currently available.


We provide an open peering facility with 24/7 secured access.
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(330) 732-5784

Warehouse WiFi

We provide installation, maintenance, and support for any and all size wireless network infrastructure projects. We offer remote monitoring and 24/7 support and on-site support. Call for pricing. (330) 732-5784

Managed Network Installation & Services

Whether your needs are structured cabling, backbone infrastructure, or fully managed network infrastructure we have you covered. We do it all. No job is too big or too small. Call for a quote. (330) 732-5784

Managed Camera Systems

We have a wide range of security offerings. Whether you have a building that needs 24/7 recording or larger projects, we have you covered. Call for pricing. (330) 732-5784

Managed Phone Systems

We have an array of cloud managed phone systems for our clients that provide whatever our clients needs are.